Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün : “Our 2023 aim is to open schools in at least half the UN member states”


FETÖ made its own propaganda in the world by using education as a tool for years. He established evil nests under the guise of education in Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia and the Balkans.
Turkey, on the other hand, activated the Turkish Maarif Foundation against FETO's plan. The effective struggle yielded successful results.

Turkish Maarif Foundation President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün, in his statement, stated that many states took measures after Turkey's warning about schools affiliated with FETO. Noting that  “There are those who close them, there are those who nationalize them.
Some of them were transferred directly to our Foundation.” Akgün emphasized that 20 countries have completely handed over FETO schools to Turkey.

428 Schools Opened in 49 Countries

Expressing that the Turkish Maarif Foundation continues its activities as an international educational institution with 428 schools and 50 thousand students in 49 countries, Akgün said, “The schools in 20 of these 49 countries are FETO schools and transferred to our Foundation. Out of 428 schools, 234 are affiliated with FETO and transferred to us.” 

Ankara's call has quickly found an echo in African countries.  Somalia gave its first graduates.
New schools opened in the Balkans.  In Albania, this achievement was crowned by the opening of a university. A different strategy was followed in Europe and the USA.

3 Thousand Graduates in Turkey

Turkish Maarif Foundation also enlights the students who want to study in Turkey. 3,000 students graduating from these schools continue their education in Turkey. The Foundation is on its way to becoming a world-class institution. The target for 2023 is to open Turkish Maarif Foundation schools in at least half of the UN member states.



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