Sudan Maarif Schools Record 100% Success at High School Entrance Exam


The Maarif Schools of Sudan, which became operational in 2017, became one of that country’s most important institutions thanks to their academic success. Ahmad Ashraf Ilyas and Hamza Heysem, both students at the Maarif High School for Boys in Khartoum, ranked third and fourth, respectively, in the high school entrance exam.

The Turkish Ambassador to Khartoum, Irfan Neziroğlu, hosted Ilyas, who placed third in the exam, along with his mother and Mehmet Nedim Aslan, the Foundation’s representative in Sudan, at the Embassy.

Ambassador Irfan Neziroğlu made the following statement during the reception: “This is a great accomplishment. I have presented [Ilyas] and presented him with an award. Inshallah he will finish our high school, as he wants to study medicine afterward. Our schools attract more and more interest every passing year. We are proud of the success of our school and congratulate our students.”

Describing Ahmad Ashraf as a very successful student, Mehmet Nedim Aslan said the following: “We expected him to rank highly anyway. Four or five of our students ranked in the top 10, including fourth place. All of our 86 students were successful in the exam. We expect our student Ahmad to reach a similar rank in high school as well.”

The student, Ahmad Ashraf Ilyas, made the following remarks: “I love my school ¬– the Maarif Schools. I am grateful to my teachers and school administrators for their hard work and Ambassador Irfan Neziroğlu for his hospitality. Türkiye is a beautiful country. I really look forward to seeing it someday.”


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