Hybrid Education Model introduced in Mauritania Maarif Schools


Turkish Maarif Foundation Representation in Nouakchott, Mauritania organized a promotional event for the 2020-2021 Academic Year at the Elementary School.

Along with many TV channel representatives and journalists, including Mauritania state television, Mauritania Private Schools General Manager Sidi Houeirya attended the event.

Speaking during the program, Adil Taniş, TMF Country Representative, talked about the road map to be applied during the epidemic and the hybrid model combining distance and face to face education.

Emphasizing that there would be six days of education, three days a week in face-to-face and three days at distance, the classes would be divided into two and the physical distance rules would be observed as maximum. At this stage, parents, students and the school must comply with their respective responsibilities. For Maarif Schools, all the works were undertaken, buildings were prepared and the staff members informed, so they got ready for the new educational season.

At the end of the program, schools were visited with the guests and information was given on how to conduct education in accordance with the epidemic rules.


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