Pak-Turk Maarif Schools Continue to Implement Programs to Improve Education


The third professional development program (TDP-03) for training classroom teachers resumes at the Pak-Turk International Maarif Schools, which have been operating in Pakistan since 2019. The second module of TDP-03, Consisting of three modules, was completed through in-person training sessions held at the Chak Shahzad Campus for Boys in Islamabad.

The first module of TDP03: Modelling A New Paradigm in Teaching Primary Years, which consists of three modules, relates to specialized information on early literacy and mathematics, whereas the second module covers the principles and methods of English and mathematics instruction in a way that supports the previous module and progresses in a cyclical manner. The final module is intended to improve teachers’ level of knowledge in the instruction of natural sciences and measurement in primary education.

The second module was held by expert trainers at the Chak Shahzad Campus for Boys in Islamabad. The 5-day training session included applied workshops on group activities, reflective activities, case analysis and good practices.

Buğra Özler, the Pak-Turk Education Coordinator, made the following statement: “The Pak-Turk International Maarif Schools defines teaching as a skill that one develops throughout one’s life and goes hand in hand with learning. Properly structured professional development programs consolidate teachers’ abilities and serve to directly improve teaching.”

The Teacher Development Program, which the Turkish Maarif Foundation launched in cooperation with Istanbul University’s Lifelong Learning Center at Cerrahpaşa to address the serious shortage of classroom teachers in Pakistan and to better transfer the Foundation’s mission into educational activities in Pakistan, covers 200 hours of in-person and online training sessions.


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